Kamarg is taking a break

We are taking a break until Mid October 2022 to produce the new 2022 🎒 series. For this reason, the webshop will remain closed. (also because we are completely sold out 🥳). See you in the late fall. We are looking forward to showing you some new stuff then. Have a fantastic time.

Durable companions for everyday life adventurers.

From Austria. With Love.

What we do different at Kamarg:

At Kamarg we believe that doing the right thing is possible with every aspect of our company. That is why we examined every step of the backpack production under the aspect of sustainability and resource conservation and thought about how we can do it better. From the materials to production and extending the life of the product.

90% less plastic by using sustainable materials.

At Kamarg we made a conscious decision to reduce plastic as much as possible and only use it where it is absolutely necessary. We were able to reduce the plastic content of our backpacks to a maximum of 9% (with the Kamarg 57 even down to 6%). We believe that a good backpack doesn’t need more plastic. But that’s not all. For the piping of the backpack we use piping from the warehouse liquidation of a furniture factory in northern Portugal. In other words, we process already produced and otherwise obsolete materials (and yes, that’s why our backpacks will only ever be available with white, brown and black piping).

Consciously robust craftmanship.

We have bought and tried many daypacks over the past few years. Many did not survive their second birthday. Bad design, cheap plastic and poor carrying systems are often to blame for the short lifespan. This is clearly a waste, not only of our money but also of resources and energy. We believe it is time to rethink and consciously choose long-lasting products. Built-in redundancy and predetermined breaking points are an invention of the 1970s. Time to rethink. At Kamarg, we are about creating products that last for years, that accompany us on our adventures, that collect our memories. That is the incentive that drove us to manufacture a backpack that – with a few small repairs – can last a lifetime and travel with us through the decades.

Fairly produced in Europe.

We produce our backpacks in Europe, which allows us shorter delivery routes and a smaller carbon footprint. We pay the employees at our production facility fairly and pay great attention to good working conditions, after all, the backpack should not only give you pleasure but also make a positive contribution to other stakeholders such as the environment and employees.

Repairable at any time.

Our resources are precious. When, after many years, the material of part of the camera is worn out, the backpack goes for repair, not the trash. In contrast to other backpacks, Kamargs are developed in such a way that they can be easily spruced up with interchangeable straps, cords and zippers, which you can order very soon on our website. Repair it yourself, ask dad or mom (who can do it better), or carry it to a local tailor.

Water-repellent canvas fabric.

In contrast to the original Kamargs, the canvas is now water-repellent. In addition, for the first time there is a rain cover for Kamarg backpacks. The improvement was the result of months of testing the prototype in the mountains around Salzburg and Munich.

Perfect wearing comfort.

All Kamargs have a carrying system with an almost 100 year old tradition. It is based on a patent for a carrying frame for hunter backpacks from the 1920s. The carrying system allows a more even weight distribution and thus enables a reduction of the padding on the straps and an overall lighter overall weight of the backpack. We believe what worked well for hunters should be enough for anything you put in your Kamarg.

70 years of backpack experience.

Kamarg was founded in Graz, Austria in 1949 to equip Austrian mountain hikers and adventurers with high-quality backpacks. The brand quickly became a bestseller among backpacks in Austria in the 1950s and 1960s. In 1960 Kamarg supplied almost 2,000 sports shops in the Alpine region. Decades of experience are a clear plus, especially with backpacks, where opportunities for improvement often only become apparent after years. Our backpacks carry the concentrated knowledge of materials and requirements of three generations. Since the first edition of our daypack in 1949, over 50 documented detail improvements have been made in the first phase of our history and over 15 in the second phase. And we don’t stop thinking about further improvements. That’s why the Kamarg is so easy to wear and so much fun.